Thursday, 14 April 2011

On the campaign trail: Lest we forget...

It's been a busy day on the trail, with the launch of our 'Ad-Van' trailing across South Wales today spreading the message of Labour's disastrous economic mismanagement in recent years.

It's amazing how Dear Mr Prudence's reputation slipped as it became clear just what a mess Labour had made of the economy. This is something that we'll be hammering home throughout the campaign...

Labour are wallowing in denial and both Ed Millibland (sic) and Carwyn Jones are yet to explain how they will tackle the deficit. Until they do so they will remain bereft of any economic credibility!

(On Barry waterfront this morning @ the launch of the Ad campaign)

After 12 long years of Labour governments, at both Westminster and here in Wales, our country remains the poorest nation in the UK - with Labour's profligacy having brought the UK to the very brink of bankruptcy. We cannot let them get away with their attempts to distance themselves from the mess in which we find the economy, opposing the difficult decisions being taken to reduce the deficit with neither sensible alternative nor constructive suggestion...

Lest we forget. This is Labour's legacy to Wales, indeed to the whole of the United Kingdom.

£120 million a day on debt interest!

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