Monday, 6 June 2011

Speaking From Experience...

In the coming weeks I shall be making the case for why I believe that I am the strongest candidate in the race to become Leader of the Welsh Conservative Group here in the Assembly.

My campaign poster, below, details three key strengths that I would bring to the role:

I have the communication skills and strength to take the fight to Labour in the Senedd and across Wales; it is vital for Welsh democracy that we have an effective opposition in the Assembly that can hold the Welsh Government to account.

I would encourage greater engagement with Conservatives at all levels of government in Wales, including the party membership, in policy development; the leader of the Assembly group is 'YOUR VOICE' in the Assembly.

The Welsh Assembly needs to reach out beyond the Cardiff Bay Bubble to the wider communities across the country; we have the tools to do the job now, it's time to focus on delivery - that has to mean results for the whole of Wales.

I shall be launching my campaign officially very soon - details to follow.

(Please click on the picture to see in full size)