Friday, 18 February 2011

...Good News From Westminster

Yes, this comes with the announcement by the Deputy PM yesterday that the timing for the next Welsh Assembly Elections will be a matter for the Assembly itself.
2015 is the next date on which General and Welsh Assembly elections would have been due to clash- which could have made for an interesting polling day!
Assuming there was a yes vote at the forthcoming AV referendum, in Wales this could have led to the rather absurd prospect of some voters having to navigate 3 voting systems and constituencies on the same day!
·         30 MPs by AV in the new parliamentary constituencies
·         40 AMs via First Past The Post in the old constituencies
·         20 regional AMs from the party lists, based on the regions established for European elections.
Naturally, I shall still be voting NO! in May…
Just say: #NO2AV

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